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Home Automation

Take control of your home from anywhere with a home automation system. Automated sprinkler systems, smart appliances, remote-controlled lighting systems and more are all possible with simple, easy-to-use interfaces that can be used from anywhere with an internet connection. I am familiar with the various protocols such as Z-Wave, Zigbee and Insteon, as well as the types of hardware and software that may be required for an off-the-shelf system all the way up to a totally custom system.

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  • Leak Sensors
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Smart Locks
  • Surveillance Cameras


  • Resource Usage Monitors
  • Smart Appliances
  • Intelligent Thermostats
  • Remote-Controlled Lighting


  • Automated Home Systems
    • Outdoor Sprinklers
    • Pool Pumps
    • Hot Water Heaters
  • Controlled from Anywhere!
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